Aunt Millie's History
Aunt Millie was born into a Southern family in Milton, North Carolina back before the town was incorporated in 1796. She was a pretty baby who early in her life found a love for food, especially ice cream! But then, she discovered chocolate pie and banana pudding!

As a young girl, she learned the culinary arts and, as she grew she tried her hand at pizza and sandwiches. It was not long until it was Aunt Millie the entire community turned to when they needed something special to eat, and she never let them down!

Even though Aunt Millie is not with us today, her recipes have survived and are being carried on by Gwen McGuire. So enjoy your meal and remember the heritage that had brought Aunt Millie's to you today.
Current Description
Located in Historic Downtown Milton, North Carolina, Aunt Millie's offers an old fashioned good time with great food, drink, and ice cream. So come enjoy the BEST PIZZA you will ever eat and do not forget to check out the antique stores, Yoder's Country Market, Hyco Lake and VIR.
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